What Is an Industrial Electrician?

What is an Industrial Electrician?

The industrial electrician is a type of electricians that specialises in installation, maintenance and repair of electrical systems within the industrial settings (e.g. businesses, electrical firm, steel factories, etc.). And just like in other electrician’s specialisation, industrial electricians are required to acquire training certifications and licence before they can perform a job.

What is an Industrial Electrician scope of work?

Industrial electricians are skilled in a wide variety of functions which involves installation, maintenance, testing, troubleshooting, and repair. To understand it more, here’s a list of industrial electricians’ responsibilities.

    • Read blueprints, wiring diagrams/drawings and specifications and interpret it with their teammates or clients.
    • Implement a preventive and scheduled maintenance program for electrical equipment.
    • Perform inspections and testing to ensure every wiring, fixtures and power outlets are grounded properly.
    • Assess each electronic equipment to identify which of it require maintenance, repair or replacement.
  • Perform extensive testing for newly installed heavy equipment or systems.

What are the services offered by Industrial Electrician?

Industrial electrician offers the following services:

    • Electrical repair, installation, modification and upgrades
    • Extensive condition audits and reports
    • Dust and Ignition Proof (DIP) on hazardous locations
    • Test and Tagging
    • Lighting Services – Design, maintenance and installation of specialised and general lighting
    • Power Factor Correction
    • Thermal Graphic Scanning,
    • Circuit identification and tracing
  • Residual Current Device Testing and Safety

What are the skills to acquire to be an Industrial Electrician?

The skills required for industrial electrician are the same with other electrician’s specialisation: physical strength, colour vision, mechanical, problem solving, and troubleshooting. There is just one additional requirement for industrial electricians and that is to have a basic computer skill. will just change depending on the employer’s requirement. There some instances that the employer will require a specific physical strength condition to the industrial electricians, like, they must lift or move 50 pounds or more.

What is the working environment like of an Industrial Electrician?

Industrial settings typically have a noisy environment as it runs tons of different heavy types of machinery and electronic tools. If the company use or produce chemicals, strong odours and dirt may also surface around the vicinity. To ensure the safety of the industrial electricians, they are provided with a uniform that can protect their body from any type of risks. The most common uniform are hard hats, ear plugs, flame resistant coveralls, safety glasses or goggles, air-purifying respirator, and safety shoes.

The industrial setting also built with heights and cramped spaces. The industrial electricians are expected to be comfortable working on small spaces and using scaffoldings.

How to become an Industrial electrician?

The process to become an Industrial electrician is the same with other electrician’s specialisation: complete high school or equivalent certification, apprenticeship program, and acquire the licence. The only difference is an industrial electrician is required to acquire certifications to operate certain industrial equipment.

How much do Industrial Electricians earn?

The average earning of Industrial electricians in Australia is approximately around $77,000 a year. But this still may change depending on the industrial electrician’s experience level and location. For the experience level, Industrial electricians with 0-5 years of experience can expect to earn 12% lower than the average. But if the Industrial electricians have 10-20 years of experience, they can expect to earn 9% more than the average.

    • For the location, here’s a list of their comparison:
    • Sydney offers a 10% increase to the average earning.
    • Brisbane offers a 5% increase to the average earning.
    • Perth offers a 1% increase to the average earning.
  • Compared to the other 3 cities, Adelaide offers the lowest earning which is 12% lower to the average earning.

The industrial electrician is an exciting career. And it will get more interesting as the demand for this field has been foreseen to continue to rise for the next 5 years.

Featured Photo Courtesy of skeeze via Pixabay 

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