Why Should You Paint During Autumn and Winter Seasons?

Painting your house is an activity that requires perfect timing if you want to get it right. Painting the exteriors of your home during the rainy days is almost impossible while doing it during hot summer days can make it unbearable.

If you’re planning on repainting your house, the best time to do it is during the autumn and winter seasons. This may sound odd because the spring and summer seasons are the traditional times to paint.

If you want to be efficient, find alternative ways of doing things to yield better results and start by painting your house during the most effective seasons.

Relatively Cheap and Saves Time

cheap painting and time saving

Although some of us prefer to take care of painting chores independently, hiring professional painters can help keep house painting costs at a minimum.

Professional painters can paint more efficiently, and this can translate into savings. Unlike amateur painters, professional painters know how to make every coat of paint count.

Hire professional painters during the autumn or winter because these are seasons where they often have fewer clients. With fewer customers to avail of their services, painters often demand lower rates to be more competitive.

You can ask for quotes from several local professional painters so you can compare rates. This is an excellent opportunity to assess if the painting costs will meet your budget.

You can allot the money that you will save on other aspects of your home improvement efforts.

Since autumn and winter are not traditional painting seasons, you might also chance upon cheaper paint supplies because of the low demand. This can save you money, especially if you have a big painting project in mind.

Faster Paint Drying Time

Faster Paint Drying Time

Painting your house during autumn and winter can also be practical and time-saving because the paint dries faster during these seasons.

Although we think of summer as an ideal season for painting because of the hot weather, summer is a very humid season. Humidity prolongs the drying process because there is more moisture in the air.

Painting while it is too hot outside can also degrade the quality of your paint, especially if you’re painting surfaces that require the use of an airless paint sprayer. If the temperature is too high, paint can dry in the air before it hits the surface you are painting.

Less moisture also leads to better results because it helps prevent paint from peeling off. When moisture gets into wet paint, air bubbles form and this can peel off or crack when the paint dries.

If there is little moisture when you apply paint, paint can properly bond to the surface. It hastens the drying process and can help prevent smudges that can ruin the overall look, which means that you don’t have to redo the painting process to correct imperfections.

Best Time for Indoor Jobs

Painting jobs: best indoor job

Autumn and winter are excellent times for indoor painting jobs. The cold weather can limit the number of outdoor activities you can do, and you can take this opportunity to start your home improvement project by painting indoors.

Spending more time indoors during the cold season can also provide you with more time to supervise a paint job. This can help you immediately spot any inconsistencies or imperfections so the professional painter can make immediate corrections.

Painting indoors during the autumn and winter can also be better for your health. Paint fumes are health hazards and can lead to respiratory disorders.

Prolonged exposure to paint fumes can cause side effects such as:

  • Headaches
  • Irritations of the eyes, nose, and throat
  • Nausea
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Dizziness

Since paint dries faster in colder weather, you are limiting your exposure to toxic fumes. This can help reduce your chances of experiencing side effects brought by paint fumes inhalation.

To help reduce your exposure to paint fumes, ensure that the area getting painted has proper ventilation. There is no need to open all your windows as long as you have adequate ventilation in an area.

Lower Chance of Rain

lower chance of rain

The low chance of rain during the winter and autumn is another reason you should consider painting during these seasons, especially if you are painting an outdoor area.

Rain can ruin a paint job, especially if you are using water-based paint. Freshly-applied water-based paint gets easily washed off by water.

Your painter for hire would have to redo an area if rain washed off freshly-applied paint. This can inflate house painting cost because you will have to buy more paint to repaint a space.

Redoing an area can add to labour expenses because your professional painter for hire will have to work for a few more hours or even days.

Without the hazards posed by rain, you can finish your paint job on schedule. This can help you properly manage your time. With the painting job over and done with, you can move on to the next phase of your home improvement project.

Choose Trusted Painting Professionals

There are several qualifications that you should look for if you want to hire a trusted painting professional. These qualifications can help you weed out subpar painters during your search.

  • Insurance – Although you are hoping for excellent results from your painter, it wouldn’t hurt to check if your painter for hire has insurance. It can help provide you with peace of mind if anything untoward happens while you are getting your house painted.

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