Interior Painting 101: Tips from Local Painters

Are you up for the challenge to give your home an updated look? No matter what painting service you need, these tips from experienced local painters will definitely put you in the right path.

Don’t Take Sheen for Granted

Sheen is merely the finish of your paint. Remember that it will always have a significant impact on your walls. There’s a lot of options you can choose from like gloss, satin, and eggshell. Those areas in your home with high traffic will do well with satin or gloss finish since they hold up better to touching and can be cleaned easily compared to other finishes.

Most local interior painters would remind you that gloss and satin can create some imperfections. You might see some wavy drywall or patched areas unlike with a matte-like finish. A matte-like finish may hide, but it is not forgiving for hands.

Choose Colour Wisely

When dealing with colours, don’t be afraid to try bold colours. Local painting contractors would give workable solutions on how to mix and match colours for your interior. Similar to exterior painting, choosing the right colour scheme requires you to let your imagination and creativity work. It’s not enough to just think the best colour for your walls. Choosing the right colour involves a critical eye for details and interior space analysis.

The next details to consider are the floor and ceiling. These are crucial elements since their colours are usually in combination to create a unified theme. Most homeowners paint their ceilings white to make the rooms look bright and to avoid taking away the attention from the walls. Aside from this, white ceiling makes the room look bigger.

Sometimes, you may want to deviate from white ceilings to change the overall look of your house. However, remember that dark ceilings can absorb some of the light and make the height of the room appear shorter. If you are not that confident about the colour combination to use, find local painters in your area to help you pick the best combination.

The easiest way to choose a colour scheme is to browse through colour catalogues. Paint depots keep catalogues handy for customer’s inquiries. If you hire a painter, he should take time in looking at the catalogues and compare the colours to your home’s existing floors, curtains, furniture, and other decorations.

Do the Math

In interior design, you need to know the total area you’re going to work on. You can do this by adding the square meterage of the walls. It’s better to get more paint than you’ll need so you will have something left over for repair work later on if necessary.

Save Time Using Rollers

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Most professional interior painters opt to use rollers compared with brushes. The reason is that rollers are faster. However, you also need to consider several factors like the wall structure and the painting effect you would like to achieve.

Rollers are designed in a way that they will hold a lot of paint and cover more surface area. A paint roller is the first choice of painting experts when working on ceilings and interiors since they leave less marks than paint brushes. If your walls are well-prepared, a paint roller is what you need. You can choose from 5cm rollers up to 50 cm, depending on the surface area of the wall.

Extend Your Reach with Extension Poles

You will notice that interior home painters are equipped with poles for reaching heights. An extension poles added to the roller will help you save time. You’ll be able to access hard-to-reach surfaces. Attaching the roller is just easy, and you don’t need a ladder to reach ceilings and mouldings.

Painting Double Hung Windows Correctly

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The sash needs to be moved to the centre of its track for you to be able to paint the inside sash. After doing this, you can proceed painting the top half of the outside sash. If you lack painting experience and confidence, we recommend getting your double hung windows painted by local painters near you.

Find the Top Interior Painting Services Near You

These interior painting tips come from experienced experts. Use this article as your guide the next time you plan for interior painting. Or better yet, hire a local painter from HIREtrades where you can get three local quotes for free with no obligation.

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