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5 Organisation Ideas for Busy Professionals

Can’t break away with a busy lifestyle? Don’t worry! There is a simple way on how you can accomplish all your household chores – creating a strong organising strategy. Here are 5 ideas that you can consider to make the experience stress-free.

Idea #1: DIY whiteboard wall

Creating a checklist is the first thing people do when they start organising their homes. But instead of writing it down on a piece of paper, you can write it on your wall. It’s way much noticeable and harder to lose compared to a paper.

whiteboard wall
Photo courtesy of Startup Stock Photos via Pexels

But before you start writing, you need to transform your wall first onto a whiteboard. It’s easy, you just need to choose a premium and easy-to-apply DryErase paint to use, and read the application instructions. To get the maximum result, buy its accessories as well – whiteboard markers and cleaning spray.

You can do this idea on doors and tables too. If you want to explore your options, you can always seek advice from a professional painter near you.

Idea #2: Use your ladder wisely

A portable ladder is commonly used to safely access high areas. But do you know that it can be used as a functional decoration too? 

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons CC0 via Pxhere

The type of decoration you can do is actually depend on the design of your portable ladder. For old-fashioned wooden ladder, you can splash it with new paint colour and use it as a magazine rack. Or, you can hang it horizontally between the bathroom walls and use it to hang your laundry.

Another option is for a stepladder, you can transform it into a shoe rack or shelf for your action figure collectibles. There are tons of other ideas, you just have to choose what you think is best for your home and needs.

Idea #3: Strategically add more storage

Organising is about keeping your items in their dedicated space. But what if you owned far too many items? The most logical solution is to add more storage unit. 

storage space
Photo courtesy of Wicker Paradise via flickr

If you are thinking to buy more storage unit, stop! Buying more is not ideal because this will only consume most of the space. The proper way to do it is to modify your current furniture. Take a simple table for example. Instead of using solely as a coffee table, you can build a storage unit underneath it.

Don’t have handyman skills? Or perhaps, you don’t have time to do it yourself? No worries, you can always hire a professional carpenter to do the job for you.

Idea #4: Consider drawer divider

The drawer is one of the storage units at home that is difficult to stay organised. Most people have tried using various organising products just to keep them in order. There are some who succeed, but most of them just add those organising products to the clutter.

Photo courtesy of Dan Malec via flickr

If you happened to experience the latter, the best solution to consider is installing drawer divider. The advantage of drawer divider is it’s adjustable and slim in size, so it wouldn’t consume too much space. 

The drawer divider is made out of wood and plastic. The plastic drawer divider is easy to install. But if you want something sturdier and permanent, you can always ask a skilled carpenter to design and build it for you.

Idea #5: Repurpose shower curtain hooks

If the shower curtain is now a thing in the past in your home, then you probably wonder what to do with the hooks. There are clever ways on how you can repurpose it. Two of them are utensil and plant holder. It’s simple but very functional.

Photo courtesy of chuttersnap via Unsplash

For art lovers, you can use the hooks and rod to hang your artwork or painting collection. You just need to securely attach the shower rod to the wall. Since this job requires drilling through the wall, it’s best to have a skilled builder to assist you.

Organising is often described as overwhelming. But it will never be if you are doing it at your own pace. Just relax and enjoy the experience! 

Featured Photo Courtesy of Jason Abdilla via Unsplash

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