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If you suspect damage in your walls and there are signs of pest infestations in your home, a trusted pest management company can help detect pests that can affect structural aspects of your property.

It is advisable to have a pest expert conduct a thorough inspection and manage pests around your home or business place. Important qualities to look for when considering hiring a local pest control professional are;

  • Licensed Pest Controller

    If you need to have your house professionally checked for signs of pests, find a home pest control specialist with an appropriate trade licence. Many of the chemicals they use may be harmful if not installed properly or are of an incorrect chemical or concentrate.

    Licensing requirements for pest control companies and controllers vary depending on your location. Confirm the validity of the licence or certificate of competency to determine what type of pest control activities they are allowed to carry out.

  • Insured

    Another aspect to check when choosing a pest expert to hire is insurance. Do they have appropriate levels of coverage of public liability insurance? Giving you a right f claim if there was any damage to property, or third parties as a result of their works.

  • Skilled

    If you’re in need of residential pest control solutions to resolve your pest management concerns, do your homework to hire a professional that specialises in domestic pest treatments. Some offer specialised services such as termites removal.

The modern era helps with many experienced companies carrying online reviews to assist you with choosing pest control businesses with a good reputation and professional delivery of termite inspections and termite control services.

Scope of Pest Control Jobs

It pays to understand different types of pest control services before entering into an agreement with a pest expert. Here are the common specialties that most pest controllers provide to keep your property free from infestation.

Residential Pest Control

Do you have pest problems to address at home? A local pest control professional can assist you with pest inspection management plan. Initially to eradicate and then to maintain and mitigate the risk of later return or other issues.

Pest inspection involves a thorough property investigation. The operative will want to access a lot of confined or difficult access areas. Many pest inspection companies will carry specialised cameras to access areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial pest control are typically provided to offices, restaurants, fast food facilities, warehouses and the like.

Qualified commercial pest controllers will attend and make a thorough pest inspection report and make appropriate recommendations for subsequent removal services.

Thereafter a commercial pest control maintenance plan will likely be provided. There may be other local authority requirements to comply with. This is especially applicable to food preparation areas.

The sanctions for non-compliance can be very high. Causing the vendor to incur substantive fines and rectification orders. Additionally, such orders are typically publicly reported – shaming the business leading to reputation loss, or even worse leading to closure.

Pre-construction Treatments

Pre-construction treatments prevent termites from entering your property. Home and commercial builders apply termite treatments in slabs, floors and walls depending on the local authority requirements or client demands.

An ounce of prevention, as they say, is worth a pound of cure. Do not scrimp such important pest control services. 

Post-treatment Monitoring

Aftercare pest treatment is also undertaken by pest experts. Pest control services can ensure ongoing peace of mind by preventing recurring infestations. Saving longer-term issues and adding value to your property.

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Factors That Impact the Cost of Pest Control Services

There are a number of factors that impact how much you will pay for pest control services.

1. Types of Pests

The type of pest to eradicate will affect the cost of pest solutions. Each has a specific manner of eradication. Rats and mice may be more effectively removed by baits and poison, but in other instances, traps may be more appropriate.

Other pests, such as wood borers or insects may require the use of restricted poisons. 

2. Size of Pest Infestation

The size of the infestations will determine how pest experts plan the eradication method. After a thorough initial inspection, they will be able to offer advice and costs of treatment.

Influencing their advice for pest treatment will be the type/number of pesticides, traps and other control measures to apply.

3. Frequency of Treatment

Some pest control services, such as rodent control solutions, may require multiple visits to completely eradicate the pests. This will add to costs.

4. Scope of Pest Removal

It is imperative that you clearly understand the full scope of services being offered by your pest controller. 

Written quotes should accompany their price and it is generally wise to seek up to three quotes to compare services and make a selection that offers you the best value. Do not be price-driven as it will cost substantially more in the long term if you engage a pest control company that does not fully solve your issues.

Additionally, you will need to have a clear understanding that your pest controller is offering a full removal service and whether you have a risk of recurring episodes.

5. Pest Treatment Solutions

The type of pest treatment that pest control professionals use will have an implication on pricing. Pesticides prices vary and other pest solutions that require specialised equipment, such as when treating bed bugs, may attract additional costs.

Generally, a local provider is recommended to reduce or remove, call-out fees and other travel-related costs.

Whether the need is urgent or you just prefer a routine pest inspection, posting your job on HIREtrades will help you obtain up to three free quotes from local pest control companies. Ensure that you choose the pest controller that offers you the best value.

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