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Caring for trees in our property goes more than just increasing the value and facade of our home. They are vital elements of nature that needs to be handled with care. Hiring a licensed arborist will ultimately ensure that your plants are in good hands.

The tradesperson, also known as an arboriculturist, is trained to do work in arboriculture. They study individual shrubs, saplings, plants and whatnot in terms of its art and science when it comes to planting, tending, and cultivation. In Australia, it is also worth noting that their scope of work focuses on the health of the individual greens and not on forests and harvesting.

Other professions – which refer to the forester and the logger, respectively – are assigned to those other tasks. All states and territories in Australia do not require a license. However, they still have to be equipped with certifications to guarantee they are experienced and qualified.

For instance, you have to make sure they have public liability insurance and insured with labourer’s compensation. Additionally, being certified for both Certificate I and II in Horticulture for Arboriculture is important.

It also helps to check if they are part of an association as an acknowledged professional. Providing proper tree care is not something to be taken lightly. That is why these trade experts continuously educate and gear themselves up to achieve the certain level of knowledge to administer the service.

They do not stop learning and being up-to-date to the various techniques in the field that are needed to pass the examinations.

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