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Hire the Best Arborist Near You

Arborists play a vital role in keeping trees healthy and thriving. They specialise in identifying the needs of trees and providing proper care and maintenance for them.

Hiring a tree arborist is an important decision to make. Whether you need to prune your trees to improve their health, remove the existing stump from the backyard or reduce tree infection, a qualified arborist can perform the job.

What other benefits can property owners obtain from hiring an arborist?

  • It Alleviates Risks

    Trees situated near power lines may cause inconvenience and safety issues if they collapse. Tree arborists come into play to prevent sudden falling of trees. Damage on nearby structures including roads and walkways can also happen if left unmanaged.

    Natural disasters aside, seeking a qualified arborist to perform preventative measures such as tree care and inspection will reduce the possibility of future danger.

  • It Increases Convenience

    Well-trained arborists have the right skills and equipment to accomplish the job quicker and more effectively. They can work on what you need - from tree pruning to applying treatments for trees with ailments.

    Tree arborists also have the appropriate tools to carry out tree works. Reliable arborists use high-quality, industry best practice equipment to professionally undertake the job and ensure minimal disruption.

  • It Adds Value to Your Property

    Well-maintained trees are attractive. They considerably add value to your property. The more they are nurtured, the more visually appealing they are. They add value and help to protect your investment.

    Always verify credentials when looking for an arborist. Does the local arborist have a Certificate III in Arboriculture? How long have they been in the arboriculture industry? Are the clients satisfied with the service they are providing?

    These questions should be clarified to help you choose the right arborist.

Types of Arborist Services

There are types of tree services that most arboriculture companies provide to maintain the appearance and wellbeing of your trees.

Tree Removal

In some cases, tree arborists are required to rapidly remove dead trees that are at risk to the safety of persons and property. They initially assess the condition before removing them to prioritise the well-being and preservation of surrounding trees.

Tree removal is a complex task and should not be underestimated. A seasoned arborist can make a pre-assessment analysis, particularly for trees that demand relocation.

Tree Pruning

Pruning is part of tree care. Arborists concentrate on providing tree pruning services to trim branches that are ill, overgrown and dead.

Trees can benefit from regular pruning. Not only does it help in removing obstruction and keeping trees in good condition. Pruning also increases the beauty in the surrounding area where it is situated.

Tree Lopping

Unlike complete removal, tree lopping refers to cutting off branches to encourage growth. Branches and twigs that do not promote growth and contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the property are lopped off by professional arborists.

Tree lopping is also done to reduce the potential risk of damage in the event of falling.

Stump Removal

In most cases, stump grinding is recommended when removing tree stumps. Experienced arborists make use of high-tech stump grinders to completely remove the stumps with minimal hazards.

Exposed stumps are obstructions that may result in jeopardising your safety. Only a professional tree arborist should carry out the job.

Emergency Tree Services

Trees falling on power lines may cause imminent safety risks as well as disruption of services. Emergency tree services are provided to quickly respond to the needs of the property owners. Working outside normal business hours will generally attract additional costs.

What Impacts the Cost of Arborist Jobs

Many factors should to be factored in when calculating the cost of arborist jobs.

Tree’s Condition

Professional arborists know what necessary actions to take after a thorough tree inspection.

The result of the initial assessment will determine how much you are expected to pay. If the tree is dead, then it requires removal. You will be charged more for a complete tree removal service than a simple pruning or lopping.

Size of the Tree

The size of the tree influences the cost of tree care services. If you are trimming down the branches of a large-sized tree, the amount of time needed to complete the job will increase, and it may require specialised access equipment such as a cherry picker. T

Prior to commencing work, have the arborist estimate the price to ensure that you budget accordingly and there are no surprises for either party.


The location of the tree can also have an implication on pricing. Tree removals, and other works, situated near houses and roads can complicate the process as it requires extra precautionary measures from the arborist.

The amount to pay for labour will also vary depending on where you live. Arborists from Travel and other costs may increase your costs. These should be clearly clarified before appointing an arborist to undertake your works.

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